Tuition information 

There are nine monthly tuition payments, September – May due on the first of each month. Tuition for each class varies, but is generally $50 a month for Preballet, Ballet I and Ballet II, and $60 for Ballet III, which meets twice a week.

There are eight monthly costume & performance fees, September – April due on the 15th of each month. Costume fees for each class vary, but are generally around $35 a month. This covers the cost of the costume and accessory, recital venues and necessary venue staff, music licensing fees and other associated costs.

These total costs bring each month to about $85 owed, depending on the class level of your dancer.

There is a once a year registration fee of $15 per student or $25 max per family.




Advance Payment

There is a 10% tuition discount for those who choose to pay all tuition plus costume and performance fees for the semester in advance.  (The 10% discount applies only to tuition, not to the fees.)


There is a 25% tuition discount for siblings of students. Discount is calculated for the younger sibling.


There is a 50% tuition discount for male students.


If your child is passionate about dance but the full cost of ballet lessons aren’t in your budget, let us know. We have a few scholarships set aside for just this reason and would be happy to discuss options with you.

Due to the early purchasing of costumes and booking recital venues far in advance, we cannot refund costume and performance fees.


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Behavior policy

Waco School of Ballet expects a certain level of discipline from all of our dancers, regardless of age or ability. We keep our expectations at age appropriate levels, but rudeness, disrespect and lying will not be tolerated. Children who display these tendencies will first be asked to change their behavior and then asked to leave, if necessary. We never like have to call attention to kids for negative reasons, so please discuss appropriate manners for class before arriving to help prevent a problem.